Assemblies and Workshops:

The assemblies and workshops utilize a multi-media approach geared to teenagers raised on MTV. The participant will learn about the victims, perpetrators, survivors, and rescuers who lived during the Holocaust. During the assembly, students will learn about the Holocaust and survivor Dr. Fred Reif. The workshops teach a four-step approach to decision making developed by Dr. Reif. For example, s tudents will analyze several decisions made by Captain Schroeder and discuss the consequences of his options and choices. The same model will be used to discuss what options students have when they witness bullying, prejudice or a friend who has been drinking alcohol and is about to get behind the wheel of a car. In the end, students will be encouraged to think about people like Captain Schroeder when they have hard decisions to make.


“I am a teacher with 32 years experience and have seen a lot of programs set up to teach how to stand up to bullies, how to treat other people, and how to be anti-drug. In the end run, they are effective. But, I’ve never seen a program like this that does it as effectively as this program. It does make a change. They are not the same students.”
-George Skornickel, teacher and gifted education coordinator at Highlands Middle School

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“I have learned a lot from Dr. Reif. I will try to treat people better. It has changed my outlook on life. A few people can change the world.”
-Jessie, 8 th grade student at Highlands Middle School  

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"To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 7 th grade History teacher at Oblock Junior High School in the Plum Borough School District. I helped to coordinate bringing Ms. Orefice into our school for an outstanding presentation to our 7 th & 8 th graders.

Her presentation of the Holocaust was not only enlightening to all levels of the audience but also managed to do it in a unique atmosphere. The combination of music and dissertations kept the student body engrossed in the material for the nearly 1-hour session. The added touch she gives by bringing in the personal perspective reaches out to every listener from student to teacher to administration.

It is no wonder that the project received such rave reviews from the neighboring school districts prior to coming to Plum. I am also the 2 nd Vice President of our P.T.S.A., which sponsored the program, and I was made aware that the organization was very pleased with their investment and the return.

I have taught the Holocaust throughout the past 10 years. This project brings it to the viewer from different angles and not the usual horrific scenes. The presentation would be appropriate to any age level, though younger children would need to be made slightly aware of the atrocities of the event in order to understand.

I highly recommend this program.

Ron Sakolsky"

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"You taught us that we should do the right thing even if it is hard to do. People back then really struggled with their lives. We should appreciate everything that we have, and do, and we are not in as bad of a situation as most people are. It really made us think about what we should do in the future to help others and not just help ourselves. Thank you so much for coming in and really helping us understand what happened. You made a difference in our lives."
-Shadyside Academy Student:

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Suggested Donations:
$300 for the first assembly - $200 for each additional assembly.
$200 for the first workshop - $100 for each additional workshop.


Please contact me at 412-427-5500 or if you have any questions, comments or know of a group who would benefit from our presentations.

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