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Documentary DVD of Fred Reif's life, including Nazi Germany, travel on the St. Louis; as well as decision-making and anti-bullying teacher resources

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Fred Reif's documentary DVD with teacher resources is now for sale!

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We are also very pleased to let you know that a DVD and Video are being made from the concert.

Initially, we are offering the DVD. Please contact me at 412-427-5500 or if you would like a copy of the DVD.

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The Holocaust Project:  Born to Remember is a nonprofit agency with two main goals:
     First, we must insure that the memories and lessons of those who have survived the Holocaust will be preserved.  Many of the survivors are now quite elderly.  Their stories have a truly amazing power to change the lives of people of all ages, particularly children.
     Second, we will use the power of the survivors' and rescuers' stories to teach about the Holocaust and suggest that lessons from the past can positively influence the decisions made today.

We are achieving our goals through workshops, assembly programs, and the creation of an interactive CD.

The Holocaust Project has taken its message into schools, churches and synagogues.  Responses to these programs have affirmed the importance of our message:

“I have seen a lot of programs set up to teach how to stand up to bullies, how to treat other people, and how to be anti-drug.  But I've never seen a program…that does it as effectively as this program.  It does make a change.  They are not the same students.” - George Skornickel, Teacher and Gifted Education Coordinator at Highlands Middle School

“We really appreciated that Dr. Fred Reif came in and answered our questions about the Holocaust.  It taught us that we should do the right thing even if it is hard to do.  People back then really struggled with their lives. We should appreciate everything that we have, and do, and we are not in as bad of a situation as most people are.  It really made us think about what we should do in the future to help others and not just help ourselves.  Thank you so much for coming in and really helping us understand what happened.  You made a difference in our lives.”  -- Shadyside academy student

Ads and checks, made payable to Holocaust Project, should be sent to:
Debbie Jacknin
48 Newgate Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15202

We are a nonprofit agency and donations are tax deductible.
We appreciate your help raising money for these important endeavors.

Please contact me at 412-427-5500 or if you have any questions, comments or know of a group who would benefit from our presentations.

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